In the recent years, Google has also joined the world of mobile manufacturers. Recently, it has launched Google Pixel and Pixel XL in the market. The phone comes with 32 GB and 128 GB internal storage options. This huge difference in the memory has also affected its price range, the 32GB phone is 100 bucks less than the 128 GB one. Paying additional 100 dollars for just 64 gigs doesn’t seem to make sense. Since 32 GB variant is within the reach and 32 GB is a good storage amount, therefore, most of the users are going to prefer this variant.

But the key point to remember here is that like Apple, Google Pixel and Pixel XL do not offer the facility of external storage. So, if you run out of your internal 32 GB, you are out of luck. The only way to get back some memory is to remove stuff. To retain data, the best option at hand is cloud storage, SD card adapter, microSD card or USB OTG. If you are still in search of more external memory options, you can also check out the latest WiFi streaming drivers. They are new in the industry and it seems they have quickly grabbed a lot of attention. We have provided you with a succinct review regarding every option, below we have elaborated each one of them for your better understanding.

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Ways of expanding Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Storage


Both phones come with a USB Type-C port located at the bottom of the phone. We are sure if you are into the external memory, you would know that OTG devices are not new to the market. They have been around for quite some time. Initially, their storage capabilities were limited, they were available only in 16 or 32 GB, but now you have easily got a 64 GB and even a 256 GB USB OGT. Since you have a pixel;, it is imperative that you get USB Type-C Connector. You can easily find standalone connectors that will help you connect any ordinary USB drive with your smartphone. Since increasing your physical storage is not a possibility, so this is one way how you can use the external storage as an add-on.

MicroSD Adapter

Since Google Pixel and Pixel XL does not have inbuilt microSD card slot, so what is the point of getting an SD card adapter with a USB Type-C Connector? You can insert your microSD card into the adapter and connect it to your phone. Now you have the desired external memory, however, the method does have associated drawback with it. You would have to keep additional accessory connected to your phone.

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Cloud Storage

In the recent times, Cloud computing has emerged out to be something after which the technology world is going crazy. Cloud Storage is a part of cloud computing and with every passing day, it is becoming imperative for our everyday life. There are numerous options including Dropbox, Amazon Driver, Google Drive, One Drive and many others. All these cloud storages are free for the first couple of GBs, however, if you are looking for more you can always opt for their premium account. They aren’t every expensive, some charge less than a dollar for a month. In order to access the data storage on your Cloud storage, you need to have an internet connection.

WiFi Streaming Devices

The new thing in the market are the WiFi streaming devices that are another excellent way of expanding your phone’s memory. These WiFi devices are connected to the same WiFi your Google Pixel and Pixel XL have a connection with and you can now stream data through your phone or your laptop.


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