Blocking a unwanted contact was way easier in olden times when you could have done that by simply going into contact details from whom you have received a text message. But in recent iPhones the procedure has changed for the worse. May be Apple is more prone to taking sides with virtual harassment but that is the case in most of the latest gadgets we have nowadays.

The procedure for blocking a contact from texting you is a bit different now where you have to add the contact list first of all and then you can block it. We have assembled a little tutorial to show you how to do that conveniently.

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How to get rid of unwanted text messages on iPhone:

Step 1-  Add the spam contact in your contact list firstly by tapping on the person icon or the phone number in the conversation window of that contact and then tap on the ‘Create new contact’.

Step 2- This will add the contact number automatically in the field and all you have to do is type in a name for the contact and it could be anything from’spam’ to ‘moron’ to anything you fancy and lastly tap on ‘Done’.

Step 3- Now you have to tap on the Settings icon on the home screen of your device and tap on ‘Messages’.

Step 4- You will scroll down to see ‘Blocked’ on Messages screen and tap on it.

Step 5- On the Blocked screen you will tap on the ‘Add new’ and search for the new contact, you had created, in the search bar and tap on the result that it will display.

Step 6- The selected contact will be added to the Blocked contacts and you shall not receive any further text messages from that contact.

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