You turn on a radio, you fall in love with the on-air song. You just want to put it on repeat, but there are two problems. First, it is a live-radio you do not have the repeat option, second, you do not know the song’s name. You are in a fix! The song is going to end and you might never be able to find it. Google Pixel 2 has resolved this problem, it has an inbuilt feature ‘Now Playing’ that identifies the song for you. You will never have to miss out on a song as long as you have Google Pixel 2 Now Playing feature.

Google Pixel 2 Now Playing feature is fast and reliable, it will automatically identify the name of the song when it hears music around you. The good news is that you don’t have to do a thing, the name of the song will come on your locked screen. To further investigate about it, all you have to do is tap on the notification. We have to wait for the phone, but for this feature, we have an alternative. You can enjoy it on any Android device you like. The name of the alternative is Shazam.

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How to replicate Google Pixel 2 Now Playing feature using Shazam:

Below are the steps that will let you enjoy Google pixel 2’s Now playing feature on your Android device.

Install Shazam

This app is the best way to emulate Google Pixel 2’s Now Playing functionality. You can easily find it on Play store, so head there and install the app. We can assure you that it is the best app to match the Now Playing feature. It is fast and reliable and you can easily download it anytime you want.

Turn on Auto Shazam

After you are done with the installation process, you will have to run through the setup process. Once that is completed, you will see a massive button of Shazam logo in the middle of your display screen. By default, the auto feature of Shazam is not active, but you can enable it by following the steps below.

  1. Tap and hold on the Shazam logo button till you see a pop-up message.
  2. The message is basically a permission for you to turn on Auto Shazam.
  3. To turn it on, tap on TURN ON option.
  4. Now the app will ask permission to record audio, allow that as well by tapping on the Allow option.
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Identify Songs Automatically

The Auto feature of Shazam is active now. It will record every song that you hear and will notify you once it is able to find the match. This usually takes a moment, and you will be surprised by its accuracy. The app is a master when it comes to song matching.

The even works when your screen is off, but it produces accurate results when the screen is on and is unlocked. To find more about the song, all you have to do is tap on the found notification. Doing this will redirect you to a page that contains information regarding the song. You can even create a list of all the songs by creating an account using your email id. It is a free thing, but for premium features, you will have to pay a small amount.

Battery Life and Data Usage

The AppQuest did a research and they came to a conclusion that when Auto Shazam first came out, it had little impact on the data usage and battery life. But when you compare Shazam with this feature not active, there was a mark difference in the background. Auto Shazam used about 36 percent more background data. This is a problem for users who are using limited data plans. After all, they would not like that an app should use away most of the precious data package and they are left with very less for the month. It is better to keep a check on what every app tends to consume.

But with time there has been an improvement, it seems that the new research states that Auto Shazam uses 16 percent less battery as compared to regular Shazam and the data usage is also less now. But still, you might suffer battery drainage when you turn on the auto Shazam. To disable the feature permanently or temporarily, all you have to do is pull down the notification shade. There look for the Turn Off button on Auto Shazam notification. Or you can do it the other way, open the app. Then tap on the gear icon, from there turn off the Auto Shazam option. You can re-enable the feature by taping and holding the Shazam button in the app again.

We hope that you like our method of emulating the Google Pixel 2 Now Playing feature. If you have any better alternative, please let us know in the comment box below.

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