In this comprehensive tutorial, we are going to explain how you can get Front Facing Flash feature for your mobile selfies in any of your Android camera apps. Few smartphones have a characteristic which makes your screen of white colour for about one second at the time of capturing selfie in low light. It works in a good way of enhancing the face in enough less time but it causes two issues. One is that not every smartphone is having this feature and secondly it may not work in the third party cameras like Instagram and the Snapchat.

The evolution team at the Reactive Studios seemed to solve the issue finally. Their latest Android Camera Application allows you to use the screen as the front facing flash inside any of the application which uses the camera like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. Using it is not a hard nut to crack. Simply click the button and the screen starts to shine for serving as the flash to give a perfect and excellent low light Selfies.

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How to Get Front-Facing Flash for Your Selfies

This feature is extremely helpful for all selfie lovers and is surely helpful in meeting their demands. So, lets proceed to the technique and the procedure of this smart feature that you are waiting for.

1- Get Front-Facing Flash by Installing Selfie Flash

The application that use your monitor as the pseudo front face flash is being called as Selfie Flash so, simply get a start by installing this from Google Play Store. You can install this for free by Google Play Store and Get Front Facing Flash.

2- Get Front-Facing Flash by Granting permission to ‘Draw Over Applications

Simply open this Android Camera Application, click once the forward arrow. Then, if you don’t see any ‘OK’ on ‘Allow Camera Overlay’ key, click it and enable switch on the screen. It will surely permit Selfie Flash for placing the button on the screen which activates front flash characteristic.

3- Get Front Facing Flash by Permitting Usage Access

In this step, you are suppose to press the back key to return to Selfie Flash application for getting Front Facing Flash. Now click ‘Allow Usage Access’ and choose ‘Selfie Flash’ on the screen for using Front Facing Flash. Next, permit toggle key next to the ‘Permit Usage Access’ and return to Selfie Flash Application. Permitting this characteristic will surely allow the application to know which time you are using the application along the built in selfie camera and Get Front-Facing Flash.

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4- Get Front Facing Flash by Enabling Service

At the point, you are ready for using the latest characteristic. From application’s main menu simply permits switch that is at top of screen, now click ‘Allow’ on permission request popup. When application is running, you will be experiencing a little bit of battery draining. If you face this issue, just switch on and off this according to your needs when you are in need of using this selfie flash characteristic.

5- Usage of the Flash for Selfies in all Camera Applications

From now onwards, whenever you are using selfie cam in some application, the tiny circle appears on screen. If you feel the requirement to switch to more brightness when taking Selfies, just click the circle and this will expand to a huge white sorts of donut. The large circle will provide enough of light for illuminating the Selfies.

That larger circle might minimize another time probably in three or four seconds in case you do not do something, for this do take selfie in a quick. You will surely notice the small button does not appear at time when you are making use of rear face camera. It is surely for the reason that Selfie Flash is familiar to the difference in between rear and front camera both. So, it does not matters that you are using rear camera.

This article contains all the information that you require for your questions and queries. Hopefully you have understood how to take advantage of this feature and the procedure to activate this. Once you will activate this feature, you will surely find it easy enough to use and will enjoy taking this advantage in your usage. It is an incredible feature specially for all the selfie lovers. So, I’m pretty sure you will be happy to hear this good news and are excited enough to make use of this feature. Good luck and have fun.

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