You can finally enjoy Fortnite Custom Matches; however, the question here is how to get Fortnite Custom Matching Key. You tend to come across different types of Fortnite matches, may it be Custom, private or public? We are going to tell you how to be part of these matches.

The new update of the game did come with some outstanding changes. Previously we did tell you regarding the Replay Mode as well as the Port a Fort Grenade. To make things more exciting, the developers have introduced custom, private matchmaking. Many of the users are really looking forward to it.

After adding this features, Epic games didn’t make a lot of it. We were surprised to see that they are still very quiet about it. They haven’t said anything about its working or how to go about Fortnite Custom Matchmaking. You will find an interesting addition to the main menu screen. Look at the bottom right corner and there you will see the Custom Matchmaking option. You might think that the idea runs counters to the game’s nature, yet you now have the ability to create a private match. This is something users were really looking forward too. So, how exactly do you get Fortnite custom Match key?

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How to Get Fortnite Custom Matching Key

The basic concept of Fortnite is to have a 100-player match, however, there comes a time when you want to have a match only again certain people. You do not want to have a match with people other than your certain friends and acquaintances. If that is the case, then you are in for a treat. You can enjoy a private match with your friends and acquaintances.

The sad part is that Fortnite custom matchmaking is not available for John Q Public at the moment. However, you do have an option of entering a match with a custom matchmaking key. You can’t create personal custom matches, but you can enter one created by other people. The feature is still in the testing phase, and only a couple of users are able to and selected content creators are a part of it.

So, if you have been able to join custom matches, we are really happy for you. If you have a custom key and share it would us we would really like that. Until then players would have to wait until everyone is able to avail this particular feature.

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