If you have been following the game so far, you would know that Dusty Depot is gone. In its place, we have Dusty Divot and it comes with a new item called the Hop Rocks. Fortnite season 4 does bring in a lot of excitements and fun. In case you are wondering how to get Dusty Divot new item Hop Rocks in Fortnite Season 4, you have come to the right place.

We are going to provide you with all the details, i.e. where to land, what to explore and finally how to get Dusty Divot new item Hop Rocks in fortnite season 4. This season is going to bring a lot of fun for Fortnite Battle Royale players. So, far we have learned that instead of the Titled towers, Dusty Depot was demolished. However, a replacement for it did come around the Hop Rocks.

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We are going to provide you the complete guideline on the newest killing field of fortnite season 4. We will let you know about all the tips and tricks that you need to do. We will also shed some light regarding Hop rocks, where can you use them, how can you use them and why you should be careful.

Dusty Divot new item Hop Rocks in Fortnite Season 4: Best Place to Land

Since Dusty Divot is the new area in the game, we are sure that players are going to be crushing it down as soon as the match starts. Everyone would like to get their hands on the weapons.

Where to Find Weapons

If you are among the players who would love to get their hands on the weapons present in the new area. You need to land near the 2 dilapidated barns present at the edge of the crater. Besides offering weapons, these structures offer safety from fire as well. Reason being there are a lot of room above, under and behind each barn.

Where to Find Loot

Look at the side of the barns by the trees, there is a high possibility that you find loots there. You will see a crashed freight truck to the side of these trees. If you see several players going to towards the barns, we suggest that you get to these trees and get hold of the loots.

If you are looking for something more, you need to go inside the carter in the walled-off section around meteor. As this area contains the best loots in Fortnite season 4. There are two ways, you can get there, one you land directly on the place and second, you use a hop rock. The first method is going to be dangerous as the area is going to be flooded with enemies.

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How to get Dusty Divot new item Hop Rocks

Since Hop Rocks are the new thing in the game, thus every player wants to get his/her hands on it. Reason being, Hop rocks allow you to levitate in zero-gravity. This is great, but there is a drawback to it. Unlike other items that you can store in your inventory, you can’t do the same with Hop Rock. If you find it in the Dusty Divot you will have to use it there. It is not possible for you to carry it to other parts of the map.

To pick a Hop Rock, you will have to run into the brown section of craters. Also, make sure that you activate the “Pickup” button.

How long does the effect of Dusty Divot new item Hop Rocks Last?

If you expecting something out of the world from these Hop Rocks, you are in for bad news. The anti-gravity element lasts only for 30 seconds. Nonetheless, it does provide you enough time to explore the walled-off science laboratories, hop over the crashed landed meteor and much more.

Advantages of Hop Rocks:

Using Hop Rocks can get you in a good position on a cliff, thus keeping you safe from all the battle that is taking place on the ground. You might miss the excitement, but you are safe for now. So, what are you waiting for? Grab Dusty Divot new item Hop Rocks in Fortnite Season 4 now?

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