If the hardware of your latest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is working fine and without any glitches, software malfunction can be handled in a controlled environment easily. At times the phone sticks with the Samsung logo and won’t go on or it won’t start properly in another ungodly way and all such situations are extremely vexing for the user.

Installation of factory firmware will make your device like a brand new one. Well in a way it will be a brand new handset since restoring stock firmware on your device will delete and wipe each and every thing on the handset. May it be a display setting or saved images or BT connectivity setting or device being rooted, all will be wiped clean and reversed.

You can flash factory firmware using Odin3 on S8/S8+ and it is completely manual, hence the technical level: easy. Before starting you need to see that the phone’s battery should be minimum around 70% to 75% and make backups for all of your important data as we have mentioned earlier that flash factory firmware will factory reset your device.

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Apart from above mentioned pre-requisites, you should also enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging mode on your device. The original data cable should be used for connecting your phone with your computer. It is not mandatory but preferable thud advised.

How to flash factory firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

Downloads required for FFF:

1 USB drivers.

2 Odin3 3.12.5

3 Firmware for your device according to your region/country 

Installation of stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

1 Get firmware.tar and other related files after extracting the downloaded firmware folder.

2 Open up Odin.exe file and tap on the AP tab selecting the file ‘firmware.tar’. Let the file load.

3 Click on the BL tab in Odin and let the BL file load from the folder you extracted before.

4 Now click on the CP tab and load the CP file. Similarly click on the CSC tab and let the Home_CSC file load.

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5 Now press and hold Bixby button+Volume down+Power key simultaneously for booting your devoice in download mode.

6 Connect your device with your computer while Odin is still open. ‘Added’ will be shown in the log box and the ID:COM box will turn blue as soon as the connection is established.

7 Now click on the ‘Options’ and only F.Reset.Time. should be checked.

8 Click on the ‘Start’ button to let Odin start the flash factory firmware.



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