Users with Korean Galaxy S8 have been facing Wi-fi connectivity issue for the past few days and still waiting for Samsung to release an official solution for the problem. A software has been promised but no one has any idea how long that is going to take.

Wi-fi connectivity is not an issue completely new in new devices and it mostly happens when we start using a new handset. We have here a few methods to resolve the connectivity issue regardless of the S8’s make, Korean or non-Korean.

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How to resolve Wi-fi connectivity problem in Galaxy S8/S8+

Method 1: Turn off the wireless router and your mobile device for 10 to 15 seconds and turn them back on.

Method 2: Go to Settings >> Backup >> Reset network settings.

Method 3: Download Wi-Fi Analyzer to keep an eye on how crowded your Wi-fi network is because rush affects the performance

Method 4: Turn off Hotspot 2.0 in your device.

You are bound to get your Wi-fi connectivity problem solved with one of the above mentioned methods for sure. Stay tuned for more updates and solutions in near future.

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