In this article we are going to discuss and bring you a possible solution to one of the very common issue in FortCraft game. We exclusively bring you a tutorial on how to fix view distance issue in FortCraft View Distance issue is bothering quite a lot FortCraft players now a days. The view distance issue is a common issue which users are facing sometimes in the game where the view distance world decreases quickly to a much smaller distance and your device screen looks very dusty and silvery.

Some users are trying to hide their weapon by pressing B which would solve the error after a while but that would be temporary. But users don’t exactly know that pressing B is not hide weapon buttong, it’s a “prepare of screen shot” option. Pressing the B button will halt the game. So try avoid doing that to solve the view distance issue. It’s not that hard to fix view distance issue in FortCraft. It would take only few seconds to go through the steps explained below to solve this annoying issue and be able to play a hassle free game. So let’s get right into it.

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How to fix view distance issue in FortCraft:

By default, the game attempts to balance the draw distance, in order to reach the framerate you’ve requested. However, you can always slow down the desired framerate.

Start with pausing the game and then you need to head towards the Settings section.

Once there you will be able to choose between two option. To draw in more distance, you will have to lower the framerate. You can do that up to 64 bit fantastic at 60 FPS, but for that, you need to have a super fast computer.

For a more realistic experience, we suggest you opt for the 30 FPS target. it will simply draw everything at the fastest possible speed of your computer. Also, since Dynamic Framerate tends to draw everything, disabling that. However, you might end up with 2fps because there are hundred other factors involved.

That’s it. This is how you fix View Distance Issue in FortCraft game. Enjoy a hassle free FortCraft game.

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