In this tutorial we are going to explain how you can How to fix Unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Playeruknowns is rapidly becoming one of the most played action game due its action packed last man standing shooter theme and now the first official APK has been released by it’s makers. One of the best thing which makes this game more exciting and adoptable is that it is being developed by it’s player feedback. The game’s original makers are PUBG Corporation, which is subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most intense game you would ever play. It drops you from a plane on a map where you will find 100 others like yourself trying to survive. You control where ever you want to drop on the map but then the luck is yours. You will either get no weapon or might get a hold of whole battalion armor. And it’s not only the other players who need to be afraid of, but also the weather and storms which can also kill you. It’s undoubtedly one of the best action survival game you will ever play.

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Fix Unfortunately PUBG has stopped error:

Although the game was released back in March 2017, and the full release of the PUBG Mobile was made for Android uses just recently, but the Android app was just recently launched for Android devices and its users have gone into frenzy about downloading it as this game has become the most playing survival game now a days due to it’s concept where they drop 100 player on an unknown territory, and every player has to fight for it’s survival by killing everyone else. And since the launch the users have been having one issue and another. We have covered few tutorials on the game including How to fix PUBG Mobile Network issue on Android devices and Fixing PUBG Mobile Internet Error was also one of them covered by AndroidiOSpack team. We have also given an exclusive tutorial on connecting your PUBG controller with Android devices.

Keeping our ritual alive, in this tutorial we bring you yet another and a very common issue faced by the PUBG Mobile users now a days. And that is about fixing the Unfortunately PUBG has stopped error. If you are having the same error popping up on your mobile screen while playing the game, there is not much you need to do. We bring you the most simplest ways to solve this problem. So let’s get you started.

1- Fix Unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue by in game repair button:

This is the easiest and most simplest way to solve the issue. Although PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous Android game now a days and its developers are always in line with solving any minor issues. They are always releasing new updates solving any existing problem. Similarly for Unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue, the developers have inserted a Repair Game button right inside the game. So all you need to do is that hit Game Repair Button to fix unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue.

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2- Fix Unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue by clearing data and cache:

Unwatned stored data and cache can actually mess your device up big times. The same works for the games. Every time you open the game and play, the device keeps on storing the images and data in the mobile app’s memory. Same happens with the PUBG Mobile and any other game. All you need to do is to go through steps below to delete the data and cache from the mobile app in your device.

Step 1- First of all go into your device’s settings.

Step 2- Go into the application manager.

Step 3- You should be able to see PUBG Mobile app in your app manager.

Step 4- Look for the clear data and cache options and just click on it.

That will do that job.

3- Fix Unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue by restarting your device:

If the above options don’t work then the next thing you can do to fix the error is to restart your device. Mostly restarting your device, which actually reboots your device’s system too, solves plenty of mobile problems. If you keep seeing the error, and the above options don’t work, it means that there is some bug stuck in your mobile app which won’t go away until the system is rebooted. So just restart your device and that should solve the problem.

4- Fix Unfortunately PUBG has stopped issue by reinstalling the app:

If restarting your device does not solve the problem then it means there is something wrong with PUBG mobile app. It could be due to some bug which won’t be removed by just restarting the device and is permanently existing in the PUBG Mobile app or it could also be due to some of the files were not downloaded properly and haven’t been working since you downloaded the app. Simply delete the app and reinstall it. That should solve the problem. Make sure you restart your device after uninstalling the app and then install the app again. That is just to be on the safe side.

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