What makes Android better than iOS is its ability to let the user modify/tweak the device. You can make changes to the software in whichever way you like as long as you are certain of what you are doing and what you want to do with your phone.

Tweaking is what professional Android lovers do as soon as they get their hands on one of the best smartphones produced by Samsung. We are sure most of the enthusiasts would have already experimented with modifying their Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in their own way and to their desire’s accord. But even tweaking comes with issues nonetheless.

Many a times, the device is stuck at the Samsung logo screen and won’t budge from there. If not that, then some times the phone keeps restarting itself from the moment Samsung logo shows up on the screen, this is called a bootloop where you are trying to modify the software of your device but it won’t go ahead of the logo screen and either stays there or the device restarts itself, again and again and again.

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The bootloop is not an issue entirely related to modifying your device. This is a problem that is inevitable and would occur at some stage or the other while your device is in use. But many users get their path crossed with the bootloop horror during their tweaking session. We have a few methods using which you can solve the issue and carry on with your software modifications.

How to fix the Samsung logo Bootloop issue in Galaxy S8/S8+:

Method 1: Clear device’s cache partition

Read here for the complete process.

Method 2: Factory reset your device

Read here for the complete process.

Method 3: Flash factory firmware

Read here for the complete process.

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