PUBG mobile is the latest sensation from Tencent and milllions of players around the globe have already downloaded and installed the game in their iPhones from different app stores through various platforms globally. Tencent wanted to make as many iPhones compatible with PUBG mobile as possible and iPhone 5s is one of them. Although players are quite happy with the result but the latest problem that the users have been facing while playing the game is the PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen error which causes the stunning visuals to look blurred and whitened at many places.

PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen error:

The hype that was created for the PUBG mobile iOS wasn’t all for nothing and the game really does justice to its name and fame but errors and bugs are only a part of the whole picture. Many people have outspoken, quite relentlessly, about the PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen error and it is not that their voices have gone unheard. Tencent, though a temporary one, has recently released a solution for PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen errorand it hopes to benefit most of the players across the globe.

In all fairness, not every iPhone 5s user is facing the same PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen error and they are able to play the game with every bit of visual experience one can get on a smartphone’s small screen. But the ones who have and are still seeing the white patches on the game screen are completely annoyed because PUBG mobile iOS was mostly about the sharpness and vividness of the imagery.

How to fix PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen error:

The solution that has been released by the company for PUBG mobile iPhone 5s white screen error is not a permanent one but we are hoping soon a total fix will surface. For now, all you have to do is that when you initially load the game, just tap on the ‘Repair’ option which shall appear on the main landing screen. It shall make things better for now because most probably the hardware of iPhone 5s is not as heavily built as is needed for running PUBG mobile iOS smoothly and without glitches.

Many players are also demanding a new version launch for PUBG mobile iOS in English language because mostly it is the Chinese language that has been used in releasing the recent mobile version of the game. Tencent is famous for lending an ear to the outcries of its loyal customers and thus we hope that we might see the next bug-less version pretty soon.


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