Google has, recently, started a crack down against all the big and small mobile phone manufacturing companies who are not keeping up with the required standards documented in the Compatibility Definition Document acronymed as CDD. This document basically outlines the mandatory and the minimum criteria that are needed to be met so that the manufactured Android smartphone shall pass the Compatibility Test Suite acronymed as CTS. If a device does not pass the CTS it won’t be able to ship the said device with pre-installed Google apps or Google play store for that matter. For this reason, many users would come across the Device not certified by Google issue on their Android smartphones.

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Device not certified by Google issue:

No doubt Android is an independent operating system and any manufacturer can take it and modify it to its own accord but what Google actually wishes is there should be some kind of harmony and set rules among all Android devices. Regardless of Google’s CDD, many mobile phone companies had been shipping the devices without passing the CTS which, naturally, had angered Google to take this drastic step of banning such manufacturers from pre-installing Gapps and Google Play store. Even when a user get to experience the Device not certified by Google issue, it is actually the manufacturer’s fault, not Google’s.

Many mobile phone manufacturing companies who have been unable to pass the CTS and still producing and shipping their devices normally offer their clients some other ways of side loading Gapps which is not illegal but certainly against Google’s rules and regulations. No wonder extreme measures had to be taken and they were already due, more or less. Any firmware that has been built after 16th of March, 2018 without passing CTS and still shipped, would definitely make the user experience Device not certified by Google issue. This message will appear during the setup process and the hurdle would be when this issue won’t let you sign in to your Google account. Although the setup would still be completed but you won’t be able to use Google play store because for that, you need to sign in to your Google account.

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Checking your device’s certification status:

If you have already experienced the Device not certified by Google issue and seen the exact words in the warning, then it is a sure shot thing that your manufacturer has tried the same fraud once again. But if you are uncertain if your Android smartphone is either Google certified or not, you just have to launch Google play store and pull in the sidebar menu from the left had side. You shall tap on Settings from the options given and go to About section. Device certification would show you the exact status of your smartphone.

How to fix the Device not certified by Google issue:

Before we get to the main steps for fixing the Device not certified by Google issue, this is essential to note that this method is only for the users who are using custom ROMs on their Android devices such as LineageOS and the like.

Step 1- First of all you will be required to get the GSF device ID of your smartphone by clicking on this link.

Step 2- Next you will have to open the downloaded app and you will see a code in the second line called Google service framework GSF. Copy that code.

Step 3- The code would be in hexadecimal but you would need it in decimal. Simply use this online tool to convert the code.

Step 4- Next you have to go to this dedicated webpage for the custom ROM users who wish to be whitelisted for using the Google apps and paste the copied decimal code in the Android ID box.

Step 5- Last but not the least, you will have to tap on register and your registered ID would be shown on the said page.

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