Huawei has become one of the leading mobile phone producing brand during the past decade and it has been successful in keeping its standard consistent. Its latest creation Huawei P10 is an excellent smartphone with marvellous specs. Although the device itself is a work of beauty and genius, there have been issues like any other branded smartphone would have. 

Recently we had published a few articles on P10/P10+ regarding rooting the device and installing TWRP on it. But that’s not all as these are not particularly errors or bugs. Many users have been complaining about ‘The device is not connected to any network’ issue on Huawei P10 and it is a pretty irksome problem. We all need our devices to be connected to a network with a functioning SIM card in order to send/receive text messages and make/receive voice calls.

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It doesn’t take long to fix this error and it is a handy solution for it has worked for all the users who were facing the above mentioned issue with their devices. Here is how you can get rid of it.

How to fix ‘The device is not connected to any network’ error in Huawei P10: 

1 The foremost step is to check the root of the problem; SIM card slot. If the card is not positioned properly, take it out and insert back in.

2 Re-positioning the SIM card is often the only solution and it helps every time. After this, you ought to restart your Huawei P10.

3 As soon as your device is on, make a call, send a text message and vice versa.


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