Google has jumped into the smartphone race just few months ago with their own mobiles Pixel and Pixel XL. Both mobiles have been designed by Google itself, are meant to give direct and a tough competition to existing leading smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple.The way it was launched and all the hype which was created just before the launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL mobiles must have given a clear warning signs to Apple and Samsung.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL was launched, it was widely admired due to its features, color schemes and many other reasons. But like every other top brand mobiles, Google Pixel and Pixel XL have issues as well. In this article we are going to address a very common issue user are facing in Google Pixel mobiles. 

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Some of the users have complain about text messages in Google Pixel mobiles are not working. Users complain about text messages not being sent or received on their Google mobiles. There could be more than one reason which could cause that. So we bring you couple of these possibly easy and simple solutions to that.

How to fix text messages not working issue in Google Pixel mobiles:

Solution one:

Mostly users who have switched from iPhone to Google Pixel mobiles are facing this problem of text messages not working. It’s due to iMessage’s feature left turned on in your old iPhone. If you still have the old iPhone go into its Settings >> Messages >> iMessage >> Slide the bar to turn off the iMessage option. And in case you don’t have the old iPhone anymore, you can de-register your number from iMessage by going to Apple’e official website de-register page

Solution two: 

Sometime people block some other contacts by mistake. Make sure no one is blocked. Go to message app >> additional menu (click on three dots on top right corner for going in additional menu) >> Blocked Contacts. Unblock any contacts which are not supposed to be blocked. 

That’s it with the text messages not working fixes in Google Pixels. 

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