Snapchat being an entertaining resource has helped people share their activities with friends and family but now users are facing this problem ”Snapchat has stopped”. Whenever you try to open the application and start using it, its closes. This happens spontaneously, usually when you try to refresh stories. In this guide below we bring you a short and simple yet a comprehensive tutorial on how to fix Snapchat Application Error “Snapchat has stopped”.

Mostly these issues stand due to cache files and many other factors. As the issue cannot be pointed towards a single factor, list of all possible solution is given below.

Solutions to Fix Snapchat Application Error:

1. Internet connection can be a factor too. Make sure your internet is working properly. To check this, visit at time when snapchat stops working.

2. Try to restart snapchat. Open it again if it stops working but before restarting, make sure you have swiped it off from the multi tasking menu. This might solve the issue. If not, go to settings then applications and find snapchat application. Press Force Stop Button.

3. Make sure your application is the updated one. There can be a known factor or other issue to show this message. Update the application by installing new version of it.

4. Switch over the mobile network, either 2G, 3G or 4G. After switching see if the snapchat works as it may solve the problem.

5. You can also reinstall the application to solve the issue. Go to settings then applications and see for snapchat and press the uninstall icon to remove application from phone. Now go to play store and install snapchat again. This time it may work properly.

6. You must clear cache and the data. Visit settings and go to applications to look for snapchat. Clear out the application cache and other data. This way you will log out the application and clean away all data in phone. Log in again and look to browse through application.

7. If you have checked your internet connection and snapchat is still not working, restart your cell phone.

The solutions provided are just ideas to solve the issue. Hopefully it will work for you. Goodluck with the problem.

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