You can get your hands on Samsung Galaxy S8, the world has been waiting for this day. The phone is finally out with all its glory and people are going crazy after the amazing specs, outstanding functionality, and classy design. You can opt for Samsung Galaxy S8 or if you are looking for a bigger screen, should go for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. 

You have finally bought your new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, and you are facing the “No Service” or “Not Registered on Network” error, what are you to do? Not to worry, over the course of this article, we will teach you exactly how to get rid of this particular error. Like we have given you the tutorials on various other Samsung S8 issues previously including, how to fix dqa keep stopping issue which was one of the main issues the new flagship mobile from Samsung faces. Also red tint on new S8 screen was also solved by our tutorial. And now we bring you Not Registered on Network error solution. 
The solutions below are a sure shot, provided you haven’t already messed up the IMEI of your smartphone.

So, let’s get started!

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Methods to Fix Galaxy S8 “Not Registered on Network” Error

⦁ Resetting the connection Settings
⦁ The first step is to reset the network setting in order to get back to your default settings.
⦁ Go to Settings, from there locate the about device option and then tap on the reset option.
⦁ In the reset option, you will see a couple of settings, tap on the reset network settings and then tap Reset Setting and again reset setting option present at the bottom.
⦁ Now your connection settings are reset.
⦁ Done, the next move is to reboot your smartphone, after turning it back on, check if the error is gone.

Pull the SIM out Method: 

In case the error still persists despite you applying the first solution, try this method out. There is always a possibility that the SIM wasn’t inserted correctly, a loosely inserted SIM often tends to generate this very error. Make sure that you SiM card is properly cut to the NANO SIM Card. Once done, now put your SIM in the SIM adapter and push it back in the phone. Restart your device again and check if the error is gone or it still persists.

Another SIM Card from another Carrier:

Many of the phones have carrier restrictions, it is always a good thing to try out another network SIMs before reaching the conclusion. We recommend that you insert another carrier SIM in your mobile phone, reboot the phone and see if the error is gone.

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Set Network Mode:

The last solution is to set your network mode.
⦁ Open Settings, from there look for Connections.
⦁ Under connections, you will be able to see Mobile Networks, tap on it and then tap on Network Mode.
⦁ Change the mode to LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)


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