In this article, you will learn how to fix the common CyanogenMod (CM) / LineageOS Status 7 error that occurs during installation on TWRP and CWM recovery.

The Status 7 Error, Error 7 or zip signature verification failed error occurs when people flash LineageOS or LOS based custom ROM on their devices.

LineageOS was also known as LineageOS Android Distribution and Lineage.The latest LineageOS 14.1 is based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat update. LOS brings the same set of features as CM14. Hence, the usual problems and errors are also part of the new LineageOS and custom ROMs based on it.

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Status 7 Error – What is it? Why Does it Happen?

This Status 7 Error stops any further installation of the ROM on your device and the process gets fails.

How to Fix LineageOS Status 7 Error During Installation [TWRP / CWM]

There might be several reasons behind this Error 7, but you can use these few methods that will help you fix the error and proceed with successful installation of LineageOS and LineageOS-based custom ROMs.

Method 1 – Format Cache, Dalvik Cache and Data Before Installation:

The best possible solution to this problem is to format the cache partition of your phone, format Dalvik cache and also format the data partition before installing / flashing the custom ROM.
Step 1 – Reboot your device into the custom recovery (CWM / TWRP).
Step 2 – Once booted into the recovery, click on Advanced Wipe and then select Cache, Dalvik Cache and Data.
Step 3 – Wipe these partitions, if you are using TWRP, it will ask you to type in “Yes” to format.
Step 4 – Once you are done formatting, try to installing LineageOS again. The flashing should go fine.

Method 2 – Remove the Assert Checks:

This method only works for correct downloaded file. You can remove the Assert checks which might be causing Status 7 Error by modifying the ROM package.
Step 1 – Open the ROM package on your computer with a program like WinRAR, don’t extract it, just view it.
Step 2 – You should access the following directory META-INF/com/ google/android and view the updater-script file by double clicking on it.
Step 3 – Right click the updater-script and open it using a text editor (Windows Notepad can be used).

Step 4 – Find “assert” in the script. You will see these lines are present in the script along with the codename of your device.
Step 5 – If the code name written here is not exactly as the codename of your device, then replace the codename with the correct codename.
Step 6 – You should find “assert & getprop” in the script as well and delete them all.
Step 7 – Save the file with WinRAR and make sure the changes have been made by closing the program and then reviewing the updater-script again.

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Method 3 – Update Bootloader to Latest Version on your Android Device:

If you are running a bootloader that’s not meant for your Android revision, Status 7 Error would likely pop up. It happens that you might be trying to flash LineageOS with a boot loader that is meant to support older versions of Android. Upgrade your device’s firmware to the latest official one and then try flashing LineageOS.

Method 4 – Avoid Dirty Flashing:

Dirty flashing on an existing ROM is only possible if the previous ROM on your phone is based on the official CyanogenMod or LineageOS code.
Step 1- Backup your data before planning to flash a new custom ROM.
Step 2- Perform a full data wipe and do a factory reset of your phone before installing LineageOS.

Method 5 – Latest Recovery Should be Installed:

To support newer Android versions, you would be required to update your custom recovery. You can proceed to TWRP’s website or check our TWRP section to find the latest recovery for your Android phone / tablet or search our website for full installation tutorials.

You can apply any one method from those above method to resolve Error 7 on your device.

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