Every time we hear about a new update of Android, we all get excited about all the upcoming exciting features. But, what we fail to understand is that sometimes that updates lead to a number of bugs. There is a possibility that something similar happened to LG G4, it is just an assumption. However, either due to upgrading or some other software issues, a number of people were complaining that those phones get restarted on its own. For example, you are surfing the internet, gathering imperative information and suddenly your phone restarts, we are sure this is pretty troublesome.

Likewise, if you are having an important conversation and in the middle of your call your phone restarts, it can be very annoying. Since our purpose is to serve you, we have come up with a number of solutions that will help you get rid of this particular problem. 

How to Fix LG G4 that keeps restarting itself

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Wipe Cache Partition of LG G4

It is easy and effective way, usually, the problem is resolved by cleaning the cache memory of the phone. So, let’s get started.
> Switch off your phone
> Press the volume down button along with the power button to turn in on again
> The moment you see an LG logo, you need leave both the buttons for a second and then press them
> Doing this will take you to the recovery mode
> There, you would clear the cache by swiping on the “Wipe Cache Partition” option. To navigate in this mode, use the volume buttons.
> Restart your see and see if the problem still resists

Check for third party applications

Often a third party application does to run smoothly, and this leads to restarting of your LG G4. To check if any third party application is causing this problem, you need to use your phone in Safe mode. In this mode, all third party applications are disabled.
> Switch off your LG G4 and to turn it back on, press the volume down button plus the power key.
> When you see LG Logo, release both buttons at once and then instantly press them again
> This will reboot your LG G4 in recovery mode, from there you need to navigate to the safe mode option and select it via the power key button
> Doing this will reboot your phone in the safe mode, use it in this mode and check for the error. If the phone isn’t restarting, again and again, it means there is a third party application that is causing this particular problem.

Software Updates

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An older version of software update might have some bugs and the problem is caused due to these errors, updating your software to the latest version will remove that bug. To update your software go to settingsAbout device >software >Sofware updates.

Factory Reset

This should be your last option, but we recommend that before doing this, you make a backup of your desired data. To factory reset your LG G4 follow the steps below
> Turn off your mobile phone
> To turn it back on, press the Power key along with the Volume down key and the moment you see LG logo, release and press both these buttons again.
> Your phone will boot into the recovery mode, from there you need to navigate to the Wipe Factory Data > > Reset option and wipe it.
> Restart your phone and see if the error still persists.

Official service center

If you are still facing the error, even after factory resetting, then it is best that you take your phone to service center especially when it is still under warranty.


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