Samsung has been known for coming up with phones that would leave you in an awe. Every year their latest flagship device is the most awaited smartphone in the world. This year they have done it again. Their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another amazing device. People around the globe have been eagerly waiting for it. But like any other smartphone, Samsung Note 8 is also having problems.

We believe that Note 8 is a worthy replacement for Note 7 due to its 6.3 display and dual cameras. Since it is a smartphone and technology is never perfect so this is pretty expected. Still in the start most of the users wont be facing any issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but then again it’s just a smartphone and millions of people buy them and very few of them always have some sort of issues

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Factory resetting the Note 8 could solve many issues but there are few which might need more than that. Like the one with Samsung Note 8’s Iris and face scanner problem. This issue is a bit different then the fingerprint scanner problem in Note 8. We explained and tried to give our readers a solution to that issue in our last article. Also just recently we have written an article about how to fix Apps not on full screen problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, check it out in case you are having the trouble with your apps. Let’s get you straight to the problem and a possible solution of Galaxy Note 8’s Iris and face scanner problem. 

Iris and Face Scanner Problem & Solution:

To overcome the bad fingerprint scanner, Samsung did come up with a number of other solutions such as the iris scanner and the face scanner. However, it is reported that Note 8 users are facing with issues with both iris and face scanner.

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Although eye scanner seems to be working pretty well, the phone has ability to scan eyes in the dark, different angles, through glasses as compared to its predecessors Note 7. Although, the results may differ once under use. In case you are having a problem with the iris scanner, delete the saved one and reinstall it. Make sure your eyes are properly opened and you have proper light.

The facial recognition works pretty well for some whereas it was a bad experience for others. Also, your picture can be used to unlock to we suggest you should be careful with this feature of unlocking with your phone. We recommend using smart lock for unlocking your phone. Smart lock uses Bluetooth accessories, trusted location at work or home and your voice to unlock the phone.

The facial recognition is hit or miss, personally, not to mention a picture can unlock your phone. So use smart lock.

Enable Smart Lock:

Step 1. Go to Settings.
Step 2. Then look for Lock-screen and Security and tap on it.
Step 3. Now search for Smart Lock and enable it. Now customize the location, voice and Bluetooth accessories.

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