Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Problems

Battery life is very important usually smartphone’s battery gets consumed fast.Google ‘s Pixel XL offers impressive battery life, the smaller 5-inch screen Pixel has a 2770mAh cell and XL has 3450mAh, larger as compared to Pixel.

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Although both devices have enough battery life for the average use in a day. But if you note that your Pixel’s battery is ending faster than normal then you should check complete details about your device’s battery. You can increase your battery life just by following these methods.

1) Check for battery-draining apps

Google Pixel has a system wide battery saving function called Doze. It keeps the system and apps into a low-power state to save the battery when your phone is not in use.Usually, Pixel ‘s OS system can handle and manage all types of apps but some poorly coded apps keep running in the background of the system and drain your battery in the process.
If you find this type of app then Go to Setting, tap on Battery and find the list of under the “Use since the last charge” and you can easily find out those apps which are taking more percentage of your battery.

2).Use Battery optimization features

Android battery optimization feature is not much simple and most of the time will simply work without your management. But if your battery life is ending fast then you should have to check this. Battery optimization depends on the battery saving features of Doze like its identify when an app should force to put to sleep and when it should not be awake draining your battery life.
Go to Settings and tap on Battery and then tap Menu Button and tap Battery optimization to get started with this.  

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By default, the systems have been analyzing how apps are working on your phone. You can increase your battery life by optimizing usage of apps. You should run your app when you really need it. For example browser app, news and weather app you don’t need to run these apps all time.
On the main screen of the “Battery Optimization” setting, you will see “Not Optimized” list. You can optimize an app just tap it and switch it to “Optimize” and for the full app, list taps the top bar and find the option “ALL apps”.You can also use “Don’t Optimize” option if you wish to let the app run. Most of the time system automatically managed all these things regarding apps.

3).Use Battery saver

Battery saver option is almost available on all smartphones.Pixel ‘s Battery saver mode extend battery life with the flip of the switch. When Battery Saver mode is turned on, your phone will have reduced performance. Limited vibration and background data without affecting the usability of the phone.
You can turn on Battery saver by pulling down the notification shade, tap on your phone and you will see a “Battery saver” toggle. You can also set your Battery saver on automatic mode and it turns off when you start charging your device. Battery saver can help you to run your Pixel smartphone for a long time.

4).Uninstall dormant apps

You should keep checking your device for unnecessary apps that are running on the system. For this open app drawer and look for apps that you do not need. Just keep relevant basic apps on your phone, avoid extra unnecessary apps or just uninstall them.

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5) An external battery

A portable battery pack fixes the issue of low battery. You can easily find some top Pixel battery pack like the Anker PowerCore 10,000 mAh battery, or  20,100 mAh battery from Jackery that has USB-C. These batteries can be a great backup solution for your device.


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