Like any other smartphone producing brand, LG has also evolved and bettered its smartphones and by far, LG G6 has been a success. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best smartphones produced in 2017 so far and almost half of the year has already gone.

Fix Google Command Not Working Issue in LG G6

Its sleek and smart body design is easy for gripping and helps in maintaining a modern image of today’s smartphones. 3300 mAh battery comes with USB-C and Snapdragon 821, 4 GB RAM makes this device a beast already and that is not the half of it.

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32 GB storage with micro SD card is a blessing for users as we all are prone to saving way too much data in our devices, some of it knowingly, and most of it without any acknowledgement. The 18:9 quad-HD display is fantastic with 2*13 megapixels rear cameras.

These are a few features that make LG G6 one of the leading devices this year but like any other device, LG G6 comes with issues and errors and bugs too. Google voice command not working issue in LG G6 is one of that many issue LG G6 users are facing. Lets talk about this issue and try to give you best possible fix for it. 

Google Voice Command Not Working:

When you give the command “OK Google” it launches the google assistant. But LG G6 users are unable to use this feature, their assistant isn’t working and it does not recognize the command. They can always try out the solution we have listed below.


Try clearing Google App data, to do so, go to Settings, from there to Apps and then to Google App. Look for storage, Manage Space and clear all data. Once done, you need to restart your phone. Now head back to Setting, look for Google services and tap on it. From there tap on Search> Voice> > “OK Google” This will most probably resolve the problem.

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