There is no denying the fact that Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ are among the best smartphones you will ever come across. The more people use the phone, the better they believe it gets. Most of the users are highly satisfied with the phone quality and experience. However, there are a couple of people facing Galaxy S9/S9+ One Message pending delivery error on their phones.

No matter how great a phone is, it is a piece of technology in the end. It is bound to have some issues, but this is something that you can resolve on your own without contacting the phone’s customer service. The solution for Galaxy S9/S9+ One message pending delivery error is very simple and effective. The solution for this particular problem will come with the latest security patch update from sprint; however, it is going to take some time. Alternatively, you can try out the method below to resolve the problem.

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How to Fix Galaxy S9/S9+ One Message Pending Delivery Error

As most of you might be aware of the fact that the main culprit behind “one message pending” error is sprint voicemail service, thus disabling the service will hopefully resolve the problem. Several users did say that once they disabled the sprint voicemail service, they were able to get rid of the error. So, we believe that if you haven’t tried this method already, you should do it right away. Below are the steps to fix Galaxy S9/S9+ One Message Pending Delivery Error.

  1. Go to the Main Home Screen of your phone and tap on the Settings app.
  2. In the Settings apps, you need to look for the App Menu.
  3. Tap on the menu and then select the Sprint Voicemail app.
  4. Under Sprint Voicemail app, you will ding the option to disable notification. Toggle off the notification option and you are good to go.
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