We bring you yet another tutorial on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. Read below to know everything you can possibly do to fix edge lighting issue on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus. Just recently we have brought you bunch of very common issues and their fixes for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus devices. Fixing 4K recording problem on S9/S9 Plus devices was one of the latest one we did after receiving numerous complains and requests to do tutorial on this very common issue. Also some users were facing problems with Samsung S9/S9 plus keyboard so we have covered that for our readers too. Samsung S9 display issue and LED notification fix was also covered by our team few days ago. In this tutorial we bring you solution to the edge lighting issue in Samsung S9 / S9 Plus.

Samsung has won the match this year with its, still going extremely strong, latest flagships smartphones; Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ which the users have loved. They are everything you will want in a smartphone and Samsung, as usual, did not disappoint us in any way we can imagine. The flawless design, the high end camera both front and back, the sharp display, the beautiful ratio between size and weight, the battery size and life, the internal storage and RAM, there is nothing that comes to mind in particular signalling towards a faulty or not so high end smartphone but edge lighting issue on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus is a real thing and people have been facing it quite a lot now a days.

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Edge Lighting Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus:

No matter how impeccable a smartphone may be or ever will be, it is inevitable that there are going to be problems here and there and someone, if not from official source initially, would have to come up with a solution or two in order to keep the users in line and refraining them from throwing away an otherwise perfectly alright smartphone. The case with edge lighting issue on the latest Samsung sensation is nothing different. The moment this smartphone went viral around the globe, people started facing and experiencing smaller or some times bigger problems with the phone and this should not come as surprise.

Although it would be unfair to say that edge lighting issue on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus have been a big hurdle in the popularity of the smartphone, on the contrary it only added to its fame. This might seem a little far fetched but it is true nonetheless. People not only go crazy for perfect things but they go crazier to get their hands on imperfect things and then use their own hands to rectify the problems they face in the course of the usage of that device. Where there is an issue, there is a fix and it is very true in this case as well. Now let’s have a look at the problems at hand and their respective solutions.

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How to fix edge lighting issue on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus:

Edge lighting is a beautiful feature because it keeps the screen illuminated at all the right times and in all the right places but what if it is not serving the very purpose it was created and installed in the phone for. Yes, many a user have complained that the edge lighting just won’t work when the screen is off. But this is not the only issue people have come across so far. Some users also said that on their devices, edge lighting would work only in the stock SMS app and nowhere else. We do have few potential solutions to this problem and everyone suits his own needs and free to try out any one or all of them as long as they work and solve the issue.

Solution (a): The easiest fix is if you turn on the pop up notifications for social apps like Snapchat and the like, edge lighting would start working even if your screen is off. But again this does not mean every user would have his problem solved by applying this technique. It is worth the try though.

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(b): Many users, in order to enhance the device’s performance level, simply turn off the Animation duration scale by going into Developer options in the Settings menu and this triggers the Edge lighting problem at times. In order to get the edge lighting getting back to work, you should set the Animation duration scale at 0.5x and the lighting shall work just fine for many users.

(c): Edge Lighting is a paid app which allows you to choose different colours for individual apps and the edge lighting works just fine even with the screen off and all.The drawback here is that this solution is also not a universal one and it does not work with every user’s device. Many people have come forward complaining that the apid for the app but still no luck. And there were some who were happy enough to have paid for the app and got their issue fixed. An official software fix will be the final fix and hopefully it will come out soon.

Hopefully this should solve the edge lighting issue on Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. Pleas leave us a comment if you still face any problem or if this has solved the your edge lightning problem.

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