Now new flagship mobile handset comes with ultimate perfection and so is the case with latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Many users have reportedly been faced with the ‘DQA keeps stopping’ error while using their new smartphones.

DQA stands for Data Quality Assessment and it monitors the wifi connections of the phone. Most of the people have experienced this error right after the update. Mobile phone companies like T-Mobile and so on and so forth have been actively participating in diminishing the problem. Samsung itself has been active on social media in addressing the said issue.

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So far no one has been able to come up with a permanent solution for the DQA error but we have compiled a few steps that you can take in order to get rid of the problem. The results, however, have differed from individual to individual. Many people tried all the possible solutions but still complained of its persistence. 

How to overcome DQA keeps stopping error:

1- Rebooting your smartphone.

2- Disabling high performance mode.

3- Turning the wifi on your smartphone off.

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4- Clearing cache partition via recovery mode ——> Turn your phone off and then press and hold Power, Bixby and volume Up button simultaneously. You will see ‘No Command’ on the screen then keep holding Power button and press volume up accessing recovery mode. Using the volume keys you will access ‘wipe cache partition’ then press Power to select the said option. After highlighting ‘Yes’ simply press Power button for confirmation and then reboot your smartphone.

5-  Forcing quit DQA app —–> Go to Settings >> Apps and tap the overflow menu then tap on ‘show system apps’ locating DQA. Tap on it and select ‘Force stop’.

6- Disabling DQA app using BK package disabler —–> After installing the app, grant asked permissions and swipe to System tab. Find DQA and checking the box next to it shall fix the problem. (This costs $ 1.50).

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