Samsung Galaxy S8 has many brilliant features and one of them is the QHD AMOLED screen which consumes a lot of battery power and Samsung had to come up with a solution to keep the beautiful screen in the st design along with battery saving. S8 comes with numerous battery conserving features and thus creating a new issue for the user.

Many S8 users have been facing delay in pushing of the notifications by the apps installed in their latest device. The main reason for the delay in push notifications is the power saving features in the flagship phone. We, therefore, have come up with a solution for the said problem.

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How to resolve the delayed push notifications in S8/S8+

It will take only couple of steps to fix this issue in your Samsung S8. Below are the issues. 

1- Go to Settings >> Apps >> Special access.

2- Select ‘Change to’ from the drop down menu and type in the name of app(s) for which you wish to receive faster push notifications.

That’s it. Hopefully your Delayed Push Notification issue in your Samsung S8 is fixed. 

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