We bring you yet another tutorial on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. Read below to know everything you can possibly do to fix Connectivity Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus. Just recently we have brought you bunch of very common issues and their fixes for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus devices. Edge lighting issue and  Fixing 4K recording problem on S9/S9 Plus devices were couple of the latest ones we did after receiving numerous complains and requests to do tutorial on these very common issues. Also some users were facing problems with Samsung S9/S9 plus keyboard so we have covered that for our readers too. Samsung S9 display issue and LED notification fix was also covered by our team few days ago. In this tutorial we bring you solution to the Connectivity Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus.

Samsung has won the match this year with its, still going extremely strong, latest flagships smartphones; Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ which the users have loved. They are everything you will want in a smartphone and Samsung, as usual, did not disappoint us in any way we can imagine. The flawless design, the high end camera both front and back, the sharp display, the beautiful ratio between size and weight, the battery size and life, the internal storage and RAM, there is nothing that comes to mind in particular signalling towards a faulty or not so high end smartphone but Connectivity Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus is a real thing and people have been facing it quite a lot now a days.

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Connectivity Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus:

No matter how impeccable a smartphone may be or ever will be, it is inevitable that there are going to be problems here and there and someone, if not from official source initially, would have to come up with a solution or two in order to keep the users in line and refraining them from throwing away an otherwise perfectly alright smartphone. The case with edge lighting issue on the latest Samsung sensation is nothing different. The moment this smartphone went viral around the globe, people started facing and experiencing smaller or some times bigger problems with the phone and this should not come as surprise.

Although it would be unfair to say that Connectivity Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus have been a big hurdle in the popularity of the smartphone, on the contrary it only added to its fame. This might seem a little far fetched but it is true nonetheless. People not only go crazy for perfect things but they go crazier to get their hands on imperfect things and then use their own hands to rectify the problems they face in the course of the usage of that device. Where there is an issue, there is a fix and it is very true in this case as well. Now let’s have a look at the problems at hand and their respective solutions.

How to solve Connectivity Issue on Samsung S9 & S9 Plus:

The two major sources of connecting yourself, as in connecting your smartphone, with the rest of the world are Bluetooth and Wireless fidelity more commonly known as WiFi. Many users face the problem of not getting connected via BT or WiFi when they buy a new phone and Galaxy S9/S9+ have not been any different so far. A lot of people have come forward with connectivity problem either regarding BT or WiFi making it annoying for the user to get hold of the smartphone completely. Because let’s be honest here, who would want a smartphone that does not let you connect wirelessly. So we have compiled a few potential fixes for both the connectivity concerns. You would have to try them out according to your own needs and problems.

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Bluetooth issue:

If you are facing connectivity problem with BT only then these options can come in handy, trying one by one, hopefully you will get the hang of it and have your issue fixed.

1- First and foremost thing is to check the instruction manual and then try resetting all the connections that you have made earlier.

2- You can, otherwise go to Settings >> Bluetooth and make certain that all the settings are in accord and you do not have to change or disable/enable any option/setting.

3- Go to Settings >> Bluetooth and deletion of all the previous pairs would be a good idea and try making the pairs again.

WiFi issues:

When the user has a WiFi connectivity issue, that is the biggest reason of all for getting cold chills. Nobody wants to have a smartphone in their hand and simply check the phone’s gallery or go through media files. So in order to save you the agitation, these are a few potential fixes.

1- The most common of all fixes is to turn your device and the router off for a few seconds and then turn it back on.

2- You can also go to Settings >> Power saving and make sure that this option is disabled.

3- You may try and turn off the Hotspot 2.0.

4- You can try going to Settings >> WiFi and tap for along period on it in order to forget it. Enter the details once again.

5- Last but not the least, you can download and install the WiFi Analyzer app in order to check if your channel is too cluttered.

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