The new limited time event, Playground mode, is among the most anticipated updates of the game. Players around the world are looking forward to this mode because of the 50×50 and solid gold opportunity. The Playground mode in Fortnite is going to offer a lot of actions for players.

Fortnite’s Playground LTM is going to drop teams of four players. These players were able to able to explore the map. There is going to be infinite resapwns, friendly fire for a full hour. The player will explore trains the battleground to get the best out of it.

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However, the bad news is that the mode is no longer available. After it came live, the mode disappeared within few minutes. So, where exactly is the fortnite playground mode?

When will it come back

It seems that the smaller grouped matchmaking broke the game. Thus, ensuring that no one is able to play. It is clear to most of you now that the problem was due to a bug. The game was not ready for the load as there were fewer slots available in comparison to the people who were trying to get into the match.

There is no doubt Epic was quick to comprehend and accept the problem. They instantly informed people regarding the issue and since then the game is offline. We do believe that we do not have to wait very long as the game is in full swing. Therefore, we are pretty sure that players will be able to enjoy the game late in the night or early in the morning.

Why is playground Mode in Fortnite limited edition

While players are waiting for the mode to come online again, many of us are wondering why is the playground mode in fortnite for a limited time. We do believe that this is a win-win situation for all the players. They will be able to play endlessly without reloading or dying in order to get into another match.

What we believe is that this mode might cost Epic some money. As players are going to be more inclined towards playing in this mode, they won’t bother with the other competitive modes. Thus, the squads, duos, and solo modes won’t generate a good amount of money for Epic. So, maybe this is the reason why the mode for a limited time.

Have a look at this new exciting mode’s trailer.


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