Everyone is talking about Fortnite season three, and they seem to love every moment of it. Why not,  the new crazy challenges are exciting and thrilling. The week 5th challenge is to find gas station in Fortnite.

Many of you might think it to be a difficult task, but if you plan your trip. This might just turn out to be something as simple as the search between the vehicle towers. However, landing in the wrong location might make this simple challenge of visiting three different gas stations pretty difficult. Therefore, it is imperative that you land on a spot that is close to 2 stations.

Another restriction in this challenge is that you have to finish it in a single match. So, we suggest you plan your route before-time provided you want to complete this particular challenge.

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How to Find Gas Station in Fortnite

We do understand it is difficult, but it is not impossible. If you have a well-planned route, you can visit three different gas stations in a single match. Battle Bus at the Pleasant Part is the best possible location to land. You might be able to grab the 3 below, even before the guns turn their direction towards you. Besides this, you might not have to worry about taking constant damage while reaching the third gas station.

In case the bus does not come from that particular location, things are going to get rough for you. If that is the case, we suggest you either opt for the gas station present at the south end of the map or the Moisty Mire location. However, there is a possibility that you might have to face the storm to reach to the third gas station. Remember, once you find gas station in Fortnite, you still have to complete the match by either winning or dying.

Below is the complete List of Gas Station in Fortnite

  1. There is one in the middle of Pleasant Park.
  2. West of Tilted Tower, you will see a gas station on the soccer field.
  3. There is on at the south of Pleasant Part and on the road west of Loot Lake.
  4. You can visit one at Greasy Grove.
  5. A far away station is located in the northeast section of Tomato Town.
  6. In the middle of the Battle Royale Map, you can see a gas station at Salty Springs.
  7. North end of a road heading to Moisty Mire has a gas station.
  8. You can find a station by the bridge, east of Flush factory. It is on the far south end of the map.

In case you have some issues finding the gas stations, remember they are present in a marked location on the map such as Tomato Town or Pleasant Park. You can also find them on the roads between these places.

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