Fortnite gives its players new challenges every week and Fortnite Taco Shop locations for week 9 is one of the many challenges posed by the developers for the avid game players. For now, five taco shops have been located on the map indicated by small red circles spread across the map for the players to find.

The main problem when locating the taco shops is that there is a great chance of getting stuck in a storm or in a firefight so it is greatly advised that all the players must plan their route and strategy ahead of time in order to combat the natural disasters.

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How to find Fortnite Taco Shop locations for week 9 challenge:

There are a few tactics which if you follow properly would help you in completing the challenge of finding Fortnite Taco Shop locations for week 9 such as trying to take the shortest route so that you would have to cover minimum distance in reaching the three taco restaurants. Yes, that is the main thing that no matter if there are five taco shops on the map, you need to visit three shops in a single match for the completion of the challenge. Landing in the shifty shafts’ south side and then grabbing two tilted towers in the north is the most convenient and shortest way to getting to the three taco shops.

The problem with the shortest route is that there would be many players already camping with fully armed dress code making it all the more difficult for you to visit the Fortnite Taco Shop locations for week 9. The other, longer but safer route is to go to tomato town and from there on you may go to west and south side of the map. Last but not the least of worries would be to take care of yourself and let not the ambushing enemy kill you with their weapons or you may be get blown up by the hidden detonators and explosives in the taco restaurants.

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The main five locations of taco shops are scattered on the map and you can take whichever route makes more sense to you and caters to your adventurous needs. The five locations are listed below and you can choose any three for visiting in one single match in order to complete the challenge of finding Fornite Taco Shop locations for week 9.

  1. South of shifty shafts along the roadside in the pit stop area.
  2. Northeast end of tomato town with the pizza restaurant.
  3. East of retail row near the area’s edge.
  4. West of tilted towers next to the warehouse building.
  5. Inside tilted towers near the yellow bus.

Best of luck to all the players for completing this challenge and making the most of it.

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