Battle Stars are an integral part of the game and every week the players have to struggle to get hold of them. Likewise, fortnite Battle Star hunt for week 9 is already out there. However, our simple guide you will be able to grab the Battle Star in Haunted Hills in no time and with little hassle.

This new challenge was a bit of surprise for the player. They weren’t expecting this brand new challenge. Instead of looking out in the Moisty Mire, which was the original challenge, they will have to use the Haunted Hill map to find the battle star.

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How to Find Battle Star in Haunted Hills

Once you get hold of the map, then you will be able to identify the exact location of the battle star. Simply read on to find how to go about things. Our guide will provide you with complete information.

As most of you know that you can find the map only in the Haunted Hills, however, you don’t really have to go there. For people who are unaware of the location, they should land in the northwestern part of the map. Look for a Junk Junction there, you will be able to find it above Pleasant Part and right next to the soccer stadium.

Once you enter the junkyard, then have to go towards the north. There you will find an orange car crushing machine along with a pile of crushed cars. To claim the battle star climb the pile. The star sits on top of the pile.

That is all, go and grab Battle Star in Haunted Hills and complete the Fortnite week 9 challenge.

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