It’s not very long since the iPhone X has been launched. We have been receiving mixed response and feedback about possibly the biggest mobile of the year. Along with mixed respond we receive lot’s of complain from its users about minor problem, which we have been giving different tips and solutions regularly in our recent post. In this article we are going to talk about iPhone X recovery mode. 

Just recently we wrote about Disabling Face ID on iPhone X, as quite a few people have been wondering about that, Hard Resetting was an issue for some, we have also given tips on waking up screen or restarting and shutting down iPhone X. Taking a screen shot on iPhone X could be tricky which also has been covered by AndroidiOSPack and many other tips and tutorials were given. Another very common issue of iPhone X not turning on has also been addresses in one of our recent articles about iPhone X.

Something went wrong with the update and now you have a bricked phone, what are you to do? You will have to enter iPhone X recovery mode. Since a lot is different in iPhone X as compared to other iPhones, we believe that entering the recovery mode is also done differently. As iPhone X has different step to force a reboot, so it is natural that it will have a different way of entering the recovery mode.

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Note: Restoring your phone via iTunes in the recovery mode is going to wipe clean your phone. So, before doing that we suggest that you first try to update the software via iTunes without entering the recovery mode.

How to enter iPhone X Recovery Mode in 5 Steps

Below are the 5 steps to to enter iPhone x Recovery Mode and restore your phone in this mode.

Step 1: Update iTunes

This is perhaps the most important step. You need to make sure that you have the up to date version of iTunes running on your personal PC. Once you are sure that the latest version is present on your PC, then you have to do another thing. You will have to close or quit iTunes if it is already running on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the Computer

The next step is to connect your iPhone X to the PC via USB Cable. Try to use the cable that comes with the phone for better transfer rate.

Step 3: Force Restart Sequence

You need to force restart your iPhone X. To do this, first press the Volume Up button and then quickly press the Volume Down button. After this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake or now known as Side button on your Phone. Keep pressing the Side button till you see your phone reboots and the iTunes recovery screen is shown on your iPhone X’s screen.

Step 4: Update From iTunes

You will see a pop-up message on your PC by iTunes asking whether you want to update your phone or restore it. Click on Update and iTunes will update your iPhone X to the latest iOS version. It won’t wipe clean your device. In case the phone exists the recovery mode while being updated, don’t worry follow step 4 to put in back in the recovery mode.

Step 5: Setup iPhone X

After the update is finished, you can set up your iPhone X using iTunes.

Note: To exit the recovery mode, disconnect your phone and then boot it by pressing and holding the Side button.

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