The Apple Watch which is also known as iWatch, can connect your iPhone to receive notifications. It has many features like water resistance, Heart rate sensor, Built-in GPS and comprehensive workout app with powerful health tools and you can also use Apple Watch as a small Bluetooth speakerphone. 

People use Apple Watch for the different purposes. But sometimes you just want to stop lighting up which gets up in every 3 seconds especially when you are driving or doing something else. But thankfully new Theater mode of apple watch now can take of this. Theater mode is a an amazing feature which comes in WatchOS 3.2.

Note: To use this feature you must have WatchOS 3.2 version installed. Update your software by going in General >> Software Update.  

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What is Theater Mode?

Theater Mode puts your Apple Watch in silent mode and disables the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise feature, and people Watch screen won’t light up every time. You will also not get the sound notifications. Your apple watch get the notifications without lighting up the screen. You can view the notification just by the tap on the watch screen.

Enable Theater Mode:

You can find Theater mode in Control center of the watch. Just Swipe up from the watch face and you’ll see a new icon that shows two Greek theater masks. Tap on it, a new screen will appear.

Tap on the Theater Mode button to engage it. The icon in Control center has a yellow background, you can also see this yellow mask icon at the top which indicates that Theater mode is on. Tap the side button or the crown to wake up the screen. You can also disable Theater Mode Go back >Control Center and tap the Theater Mode icon.

Apple Watch is worth it’s price:

The WatchO.S 3 is the most recent update and if you want all exciting features of Apple Watch then you should upgrade it with WatchO.S 3.
If you are thinking to use an Apple watch then this is a good time to get start with Series 2 model of watch. The Series 2 model has a long battery life and a dual-core processor. Apple watch provides you a health tracker along with good timepiece and you can also use its other health apps.

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