iOS has recently rolled out the update 0.4.0 for PUBG mobile and it is getting the response everyone had expected, which is, the players are all over it and getting their devices to download and install the latest update. The more amazing thing about the latest update is the PUBG mobile 3D touch controls, a feature that has been introduced in the latest update. One can only imagine how exciting and adrenaline pumped one would feel while firing away with just a little hard tap on the mobile phone screen. You have been using the touch screen for nobody knows how long now but getting your hands on the PUBG mobile 3D controls would be a game changer for many players.

The players who are using a iPad for playing PUBG mobile would not have the facility to equip themselves with this latest feature and neither would the ones whose iPhones do not support 3D touch. But for the players who have 3D touch supported iPhones have the greatest advantage and can easily get to use PUBG mobile 3D touch controls just by following a few easy steps. Since the option for 3D touch is disabled by default in iPhones, but if you have the latest 0.4.0 version of the game, all you have to do is follow these steps mentioned below and get started with 3D firing.

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But before we head to 3D touch controls for the game, the 3D touch option needs to be activated in general in your iDevice. For that very thing all you need to do is to go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> 3D touch. And now you are good to go to follow the instructions below.

How to enable PUBG mobile 3D touch controls on iOS devices:

Step 1- First of all you will need to launch PUBG mobile and go to Settings >> Controls.

Step 2- Next you will be required to change the layout to Layout 2.

Step 3- You will have to turn the 3D touch option on at the menu’s bottom.

Step 4- Depending on your preference you might want to set the sensitivity to 200% but that is not a requirement. You can very well change it as you go along further in the game.

You are all good to go with the 3D firing and aiming and all you have to do to accomplish these two tasks is use your thumb or finger on the display screen of your device.

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