There are a number of amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S9 and one of them that we are going to discuss today in this article is the dual speaker to provide you with higher volumes and sounds with stereo separation for the times when you are watching a video or film (which is highly unlikely though). Not only this but Samsung had taken a step further this time with giving you the option of Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S9, which in layman’s terms simply means, it increases your audio experience giving you all sorts of goosebumps along the way. Dolby toggle is there in your device and many users have no idea still that what to do wit that toggle and that is where we come in to give you a heads up about this excellent feature one can use or choose to keep it dormant; everyone to his own will.

How to enable Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S9:

Step 1- First of all you will have to go to Settings >> Sounds and vibration >> sound quality and effects >> Dolby Atmos so that you could go to its settings.

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Step 2- You will see a toggle at the top and you shall tap on it to turn the Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S9 active.

Step 3- Four choices will appear for you to choose from namely Auto, Music, Movies and Voice and for starters, Auto is the best option to go with because it will show you what Dolby Atmos is all about.

Usage and purpose of Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S9:

To be fair, the best usage of Dolby Atmos feature is when you are playing a video or film that has been specially mixed and prepared for Atmos which is highly the case because most of us won’t and shouldn’t bother to watch full length films on such small screens as our smartphones’. In other news, there are not whole lot of films out there that are being specifically mixed to be compatible with Dolby Atmos. Although we have these issues st hand but still if you are watching a film on your smartphone wearing BT headphones, you will notice the depth and more immersed sound than what it would be like without the Dolby Atmos feature enabled.

Most of the users would just get to hear the regular sound with the Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S9 feature enabled but still all the effort is not futile because you would have to put the volume to the maximum 25% lesser than before. The sound quality would be better and with headphones on your head, you will notice the width and echoing effect as if you were listening to something on the speakers and the sounds not drumming your ears directly.

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The ‘voice’ option in Atmos makes all the voices in the audio clearer than the rest of anything that is going on in the background, may it be the background score, a far off cry or someone laughing in the background. The best option is so far the ‘auto’ one because it will tune in and out accordingly and you would not have to worry much unless you really want to use the equalizer manually and get the sounds and voices just right to your accord. But all in all, you all get to give it a try and have the Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S9 enabled and running.


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