Bluetooth is a blessing in disguise with all its practicality but in all honesty, some of the BT devices have a horrendously low volume range and the user has to adjust both the device’s and the phone’s volume to get better sound reception. Samsung Galaxy S8 understood the dilemma of its users and so have given a BT volume setting feature in their latest flagship phone. Media Volume Sync will link your phone’s BT volume with the BT device thus giving you the facility to adjust only one volume slider instead of adjusting independently for both the phone and the device.

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However it is inevitable that some of the BT devices still won’t comply to perfection with this feature and one might have to make adjustment to the volume independently for both the phone’s BT volume and BT device volume. 

How to use the Media Volume Sync feature in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

1 Go to Settings >> Connections >> Bluetooth and tap on the three dotted menu on top right corner.

2 Tap on ‘Media volume sync’ on the menu screen.

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3 Turn the toggle on or off on the top right corner to your accord.


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