It seems that people are in love with the new system-wide dark mode. In this article, we are going to tell you how to enable dark mode on Facebook messenger. Besides looking smart and classy dark mode tends to offer a lot of benefits, thus the reason behind its popularity. Dark mode helps you save energy and it is pretty useful during the night. Of course, with phones in our hands and we lay on the bed at night, we do need a dark mode. Different applications provide a dark mode feature.

Facebook Messenger is the latest collection in the dark mode. The application finally decided to join the league as well. However, Facebook dark mode is a bit contemporary, thus it requires unorthodox methods to enable it.

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Below we did come up with the complete guide on how to enable dark mode on Facebook messenger. Remember, the method might be different but it does not mean it is hard. On the contrary, you can enable dark mode on Facebook messenger by following some very simple steps.

How to enable dark mode on Facebook messenger

  1. Launch the Facebook messenger app on your android phone
  2. Open any contact’s chat window on your Facebook messenger.
  3. Look for the yellow moon crescent emoji and send that to the user.
  4. You will see a shower of moons on the screen with the message that you can now enable the dark mode feature on Facebook messenger
  5. Now head to the app’s setting and simply toggle the dark mode option on

You are done, you can now enjoy this amazing mode on your Facebook messenger. See, we told you that the steps are going to be simple and easy. By following these steps you easily enable dark mode on Facebook messenger.

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