Initially, we thought that we won’t see iPhone X Reachability feature, but it seems that we were wrong. The amazing phone does come with a Reachability feature, this seems to be a different sort of a choice for a smartphone that has a screen taller than iPhone 8 Plus.

Since there was no Touch ID, so it was presumed that there will be no iPhone X Reachability feature. After the phone is made public, we can see that the iPhone X Reachability feature still lives. Let’s learn how to enable and use iPhone X Reachability feature.

It is different, but it does not mean that it is difficult, in this article we are going to tell you how to use iPhone X Control Center.Just recently we wrote about Disabling Face ID on iPhone X, as quite a few people have been wondering about that, Hard Resetting was an issue for some, we have also given tips on waking up screen or restarting and shutting down iPhone X. Taking a screen shot on iPhone X could be tricky which also has been covered by AndroidiOSPack and many other tips and tutorials were given. Another very common issue of iPhone X not turning on has also been addresses in one of our recent articles about iPhone X. Let’s get you straight in to the tutorial about enabling and using iPhone X reachability feature. 

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How to Enable and Use iPhone X Reachability Feature

Below are the steps to enable the Reachability feature on your iPhone X.

Step 1: Head to Accessibility

Go to Home Screen, from there tap on Setting. In Setting look for General and tap on it. Under General, you will find the Accessibility option.

Step 2: Enable Reachability

Once you are in the Accessibility option, all there is left is to find the Reachability option and enable it.

How to use Reachability on iPhone X

Yes, we already know that there is no Home button nor is there any 3D touch or tap associated with the Home Indicator. iPhone X is all about swiping in the right place. To use the reachability feature, you will have to flick down the Home Indicator. Below are the steps that will explain everything in detail.

Step 1: Put Finger on Home Indicator.

Put your thumb or any finger that you are comfortable with the Home indicator.

Step 2: Flick your Finger

All you have to do is flick your finger or thumb down. Now you will see that the entire interface is brought down with the upper part being blank.

Accessing Control Center and Notification Using Reachability

To access control center and notification using reachability, see the steps below.

Step 1: Activate Reachability

To activate reachability all you have to do is flick your down on the Home indicator.

Step 2: Swipe in the Black Space

The black space that you see at the top, swipe from its right edge to bring forward the Control Center. To access notification swipe down from the left side of the black screen. That is it, you can now access everything from one place, with just switching sides.

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