With the current arrival of Pokemon GO 0.61.0 APK by Niantic Labs, numerous changes and modest bunch of new features have released. It also came with the traditional Chinese language support for Pokemon Go’s Chinese users.

In any case, players who were prone to the gameplay of Pokemon Go++ were restlessly sitting tight for the Pokemon GO++ 0.61.0 Hack for Android. Finally, the hold up is over, the Pokemon GO++ 0.61.0 Hack is accessible for Android. This hack implies that the vigilant Pokemon gamers will now have the access to every adjusted feature with the most recent official updates and features offered in Pokemon GO 0.61.0.

The features which are introduced in the new update are not as fancy as Pokemon Go users might have expected. There are no big changes brought in game-play neither any new Pokemons have been released but some improvements have been made and it’s always good to have Pokemon up-to-date.

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So here are few easy steps of how you can download and install the very latest Pokemon Go++ 0.61.0 hack for your Android mobiles.

1 First of all download and install the latest Pokemon Go 0.61.0 APK in your Android device.

2 Also download Fly GPS app on your mobile from google play.

3 Next go to your device settings >> about device >> location method.

4 Look for an option called “Locate Builder” in your location method.

5 Tap continuously 7 times on Locate Builder, which will unlock your device’s developer mode.

6 Now tap back and go to the main device settings page and open developer options.

7 Here tap on “Mock Location” and it will show you an option list and select Fly GPS.

8 Again go to Device Settings >> Privacy and Safety >> Location Method and enable “location history” and “high accuracy” features. (They usually are enabled but if not then tap on them to enable).

9 Start the Fly GPS and select your location.

10 Lastly and to end the hack, select GPS Service Run and then select Joystick Location Mode.

It’s done. You have successfully installed the latest Pokemon Go++ hack APK.

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