Netflix is a famous place to watch all the latest movies and seasons online. In order to enjoy Netflix, you would have to be a subscriber, until recently, you were not able to view the content offline, however, now you can see all your TV shows and movies offline using Netflix i.e. you can download these videos on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Download Netflix content for watching offline on your iPhone and iPad

To enjoy both offline and online streaming, you need to have two things, first the app itself and second the subscription. You may enjoy a month or so free trial period, but for something permanent, you have to pay. Once you have downloaded the app on your iPhone or iPad, just follow the steps below and you will be able to download your favorite movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad for later use.

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  1. Open the Netflix app on your phone, an important thing to remember is that the app needs to be updated. So, make sure that you have the latest version.
  2. After you have updated the app, you will be informed regarding the new offline feature via a screen shot that will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you plan to download something right away, simply tap on it or you can dismiss it for the time being.
  3. The more usual way of downloading videos on your iPhone and iPad is as follow. You first need to look for the menu icon. The icon is usually located at the top left corner of the app, it basically has three horizontal lines.
  4. Tap on the menu and from there you need to tap on available for download option.
  5. You will see all the videos that are available for the download option, tap on the one and then on the download button. This will start the downloading process.

Remember you can download a complete movie with one-time tapping, however, for a season you would have to download each episode individually.

Deleting the downloaded NetFlix Content

Of course, we understand that iPhone comes with a limited memory and there is no external memory option, thus it is not possible for you to keep every download file. At some point, you would have to delete the old ones to make room for new ones. Below we will teach you the method for deleting downloaded content on Netflix.

The process is very simple and easy, look for the file that you want to delete. Once you have found it, all you have to do is swipe left on it. You then will be able to see an ‘X’ sign, tap on it and your move will be deleted.

Another way to delete a file is that you first tap on Edit located at the upper right corner of the screen. The ‘X’ icon will appear in front of each video, tap on the ones that you want to delete.

How to Delete all files at once

In case you are looking for an easy way out where you can delete all files at once.

  1. Go to App Setting, you will have to scroll down to get there.
  2. Now tap on Delete all Downloads, doing this will delete everything at once.
  3. But first, you will be asked to confirm the deleting, tap on “Confirm Delete”
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Manage Download and Change Video Quality

You can see the way your phone storage is used by Netflix, to do so, go to App Settings, then scroll to the bottom where the chart of phone’s data usage is present. To change quality, tap the Video Quality option there, you can switch between Higher or Standard option.




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