Ludo SuperStar is a game that became popular in very little time. This online game has become the new craze. People around the globe have fallen in love with it. We can tell you from personal experience that it is an addictive game, especially if you have played the game your childhood. Most Asian’s did play the game in their childhood. In this article we will give you an exciting insight of the game and also bring you a short tutorial on how you can download the Ludo Superstar APK on any of your android device.

Ludo Superstar APK

The game is published by Tencent Games. It is basically a board game, that involves maximum 4 players and minimum2 players. You can become partners or you can play against each other. The game comes with different modes including the unique game mode, classic mode and much more. The best part is that you can play against friends or family or you can play against random people.

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Unique Power Mode In Ludo Superstar APK:

  • Double Distance: In this mode, the player can double the number they roll and they move double distance.
  • Dice Control: This feature allows you to remotely control the number of the dice.
  • Protection Shield: The feature allows you protection against other sneaky tokens for one turn.
  • Reaching Bonus roll power allows you to get an extra roll. We are sure you would love an extra roll.


    You can now enjoy a crying or a smiley token.

You can say hi to other players, tease them or convey your message using the magic interactive emojis.

Online or Local:

  • You can enjoy the game locally or you can play with players from across the world.
  • You can add your friends and family.
  • Even if you don’t have internet, you still can enjoy the game by playing against the computer.

Improvements in latest Ludo Superstar APK:

The game now has improved power mode. To ensure that you enjoy a seamless experience, the game is updated and the previous bugs are fixed. In addition, it is a better and enhanced user experience. These subtle changes might seem small but overall they will improve your gaming experience.

Let’s now finally take you to our exclusive tutorial about how you can download this exciting good old Ludo superstar game on any of your android devices with the help of our simple and easy yet a comprehensive tutorial. so let’s get started.

How to download Ludo Superstar latest APK:

Step 1- Download latest APK update of Ludo Superstar latest APK.

Step 2- Once downloaded completes, copy the APK on your Android device.

Step 3- Go into your device’s Settings >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources to allow APK installation from other sources.

Step 4- Start the installation by clicking on the APK file.

Step 5- Go to your apps and tap on the Ludo Superstart icon to open it.

Enjoy playing.

You will have the latest Google Play Store updated in your Android mobile when the installation finishes.

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