After the hit TV Fox series FUTURAMA, the mobile game called Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow has hit the fans with all its grandeur and glory. The comical characters of Leela, Fry would leave you crying with laughter and amazement. The players would experience their own battles in New York against aliens and go in to space reliving the tv show in this epic game. You shall be collecting all your favourite heroes and playing with them on different stages in the game. 

The game has been designed and the story line has been written and devised by the original writers of the tv series itself. You will not be playing with your characters but also choosing comical outfits for them by unlocking them during various stages of the game. You will be solely in charge of selecting your crew and sending them on adventurous missions out in the space. The best part is that you can create your own story line by choosing from an array of options available to you in the game play making things more interesting all the while.

Choosing your own story is fun but what is more titillating is the fact that only story but a whole city can be created in this epic tv series based game where the players will have the chance to build their very own New York. All the space missions are extremely fun filled and keeping you buckled to your seat. 

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In the latest Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow 1.5.0 the players will be able to battle against other players in the best Christmas environment one can imagine; ’tis the season. The players are equipped with more than a hundred new abilities for combat in improved battles’ combat. Now you, also, can make promotion for your chosen crew at different levels of the game and take to excellent heights of combat and agility.

The even better news for our readers after all these exciting game features and update is that we exclusively bring you a tutorial on how you can download the APK update of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow 1.5.0 in few simple and brief steps. 

How to download Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow 1.5.0 APK on Android: 

Step 1- To start things off, download the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow 1.5.0 from the link below.

Download Futurama APK File

Step 2- Connect your Android device with your computer using a USB cable. 

Step 3- Copy/paste the downloaded APK file onto your Android device. 

Step 4- You are going to try to install this APK from a third party source, to enable it to install it on your device, you will have to go into your device Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources and check this option. 

Step 5- Start the installation process of the download APK by tapping on it.

It will take few moments and you will have your Futurama: Worlds of Tomorow 1.5.0 installed in your device.

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