Rules of Survival is a game where over 120 player will be dropped out on no man’s land, which is a barren island in this game, from a plane and from then on everything is all about surviving as only one of them 120 will survive. It could be you. But it’s not very easy to do so. Specially with a new Zombie Mode edition in the game. The game is all about life and death. While you trying to survive you will face poisonous gases, enemies and your opponents shooting at you in this death chasing and amazingly thrilling game where disappearing sound the safest place. 

The game can be fought on your own or there is a multi player team option where you can team up with up to 4 players. You get to collect scattered weapons, arm yourself, plan strategy and even steak weapons from the unlucky ones.  You will have thrilling features like Run or Fight, Last man stands, Pick and Use different kind of firearms and weaponry and also you get to drive vehicles all around the island in a super full speed. And latest feature Zombie Mode has also made the game even more thrilling. 

Some of the big and very exciting changes have been made in the latest update of Rules of Survival 1.120221.121378. First and foremost feature which is added in this update is Zombie Mode for the game. Now you don’t only have to kill your enemies or opposite players but also zombies. A discount page has also been added in the marketplace to keep things handy for the users. A new assault rifle has also been added along with a brand new voice chat function in the main lobby to keep users in touch. Vehicle HP has also been reduced as per players requirement as plenty of players complained about it. And at the same time Vehicle turn radius has been increased. The Christmas event is also gone. 

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In the recent update few weeks ago, the lock shard system of the game was enabled and enhanced. The night time weather visibility and matchmaking rules of the game were modified. A new sound added whenever you will be clicking or pressing the any button in the menu. A new team up channel was also  introduced in the latest update.

OK. That’s it with the features, let’s get you straight to the installation. 

How to download Rules of Survival APK with Zombie Mode feature for Android:

Step 1- Download Rules of Survival APK for Android from the link below.

Download APK File

Step 2- Next step is to the copy downloaded APK on to your Android device.

Step 3- Go go to Configuration >> Security >> Allow unknown sources to install the APK file from other sources.

Step 4-  Check “allow unknown sources” option.

Step 5- Start the installation process by tapping the download APK file. 

Step 6- The installation will take few moments, after it completes, you can run the app.

That’s it. You are done downloading and installing the latest update of Rules of Survival APK on your Android device.

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