GBA4iOS is an iOS emulator for Nintendo Game Boy Advance game that allows you to play advance games from your iOS devices as well as download your favorite GBA game ROMs. You do not need jailbreak to install and run emulator or developer account to get it. You can easily install GBA4iOS on your iOS devices without jailbreaking.

In this article, you will learn how to download GBA4iOS on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 and enjoy playing your favorite Game Boy Advance games.

Step by Step Download GBA4iOS on iPhone or iPad on iOS 10

Step No 1: You need to download following files on your computer
GBA4iOS IPA file
Cydia Impactor latest version
Step No 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad device to your computer and open Cydia Impactor.

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Step No 3: Drag and drop the GBA4iOS IPA file onto Cydia Impactor.
Step No 4: A dialog box will prompt you to enter Your Apple ID and Password, to generate a signing certificate. You can also create and use an alternative Apple ID instead of that.
Step No 5: Impactor will begin installing GBA4iOS onto your device. Once done, you should see the app on your device’s Home screen.
Step No 6: Go to Settings -> General and tap on Profile (or ‘Device Management’).
Step No 7: Find the profile labeled with your Apple ID and open it.
Step No 8: Tap on the Trust button.
Step No 9: Go back to the Home screen and open GBA4iOS.

After this now you can play Game Boy advance games directly from your iPhone or iPad. The next thing you need to download the ROM for your favorite GBA games.

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How to Download GBA game ROMs on GBA4iOS

Step No 1: Open GBA4iOS.
Step No 2: Tap on the screen icon in the top right corner.
Step No 3: Search for a GBA game ROM and Download it from google. The ROM will be downloaded directly to GBA4iOS.
Step No 4: Once the selected ROM has been downloaded, it will appear on the home page of GBA4iOS. Tap on it to start playing.
After downloading and installing ROMs for your favorite GBA games now you can play on your iPhone or iPad.


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