So, you finally have your hands on the world’s best smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10. If yes, it is time for you to download Galaxy S10 USB Drivers for Mac and Windows. Samsung Galaxy S10 is not the only phone that Samsung plans to introduce. In this year, we are going to be treated well by Samsung. The mobile giant is going to release Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10 E. All three of these phones come with outstanding features and they have the new UI One Theme.

In addition, the phones have Android Pie by default and the latest Snapdragon technology. The phones are perhaps the best we are going to see in a long time. Samsung Galaxy S10 E is a slightly affordable version of S10, however, it does not mean that the phone has to offer less. Nonetheless, once you have the phone, the next natural step is to transfer data. In order to transfer data, you need to have the proprietary drivers installed on your system. In case, you have no knowledge of how to download Galaxy S10 USB drivers for Mac and Windows, we believe you have come to the right place.

We agree that the mobile industry is working hard to come up with devices with no ports, a good example is a wireless charger. However, until this date, they have not been able to replace the versatility and functionality of USB connections. The speed these cables offer, companies have yet to match. Therefore, you should download Galaxy S10 USB drivers for Mac and Window. Besides transferring data, you can use USB connections to modify or install now system firmware. Downloading and installing of the firmware system is possible only due to the versatility of Odin. So, without any further delay, it is time to get down to download these drivers.

Download Galaxy S10 USB Drivers for Mac and Windows

For starter, we are going to tell you how to configure Samsung Galaxy S10 drivers on your system. These drivers are imperative for your computer to recognize your phone. They are also important to form a smooth and stable connection between the two. You can transfer all your data as well from the backups you have stored on your computer.

Files on Samsung Galaxy S10: Allow Access

In case you are new to an Android phone, you might have a difficult time transferring data. Mainly because you have to follow a couple of steps. It is not as you would plug and play after you connect your smartphone with your computer. There is a setting that you need to change in order to form a connection and transfer the data. Below are the steps that will help you form a stable connection.

Step-1: Take a Type C cable, use that to connect your computer to your Galaxy S10.

Step-2: After the successful connection, you will see the message “Allow access to your data”. To grant permission, tab on Allow.

Step-3: Wait until your smartphone is reconnected to your system. However, this time you will be able to see all your data as well.

Step-4: In case you missed the pop-up, you need to head to the notification bar. Then look for the Connection mode option and change it to the Transfer Files/Media Device option.

That is al, about giving access to your system to connect to your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 E Drivers

To ensure that your system properly recognizes your smartphone, it is important for you to download the USB drivers. To download USB drivers, you will have to allow other utilities such as ADB/Fastboot to work seamlessly. Below are the steps to download Galaxy S10 USB drivers for Mac and Windows.

Step-1:  Below is the link that will help you download the drivers for Samsung S10, S10 Plus, and S10 E.

Download Galaxy S10 USB Drivers for Mac and Windows

Step-2: After the installation, connect your Galaxy Smartphone with your computer.

Step-3: You will have to wait for some time for the computer to connect to your smartphone.

Step-4: The reason for the wait is that the phone tends to install several files on your PC. After completing the installation of multiple files, you should head to MY COMPUTER in THIS PC.

Step-5: In my computers, you will find the Galaxy S10 option. Double click on it and you can easily browse through your smartphone.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 USB Drivers for Mac

In case you have previously used Samsung phones, Nexus on your Mac, using Galaxy S10 would be fairly easy. Below are the steps that will help you download Samsung galaxy S10 drivers on your computer.

Step-1: Download the drivers of Galaxy S10 on your computer from the below link.

Download Galaxy S10 USB Drivers for Mac and Windows

Step-2: Use a USB-C cable and connect your smartphone with your computer.

Step-3: You might have to wait for a couple of seconds as it takes time for your computer to recognize your new Android device.

Step-4: You will have to allow your computer to gain access to your phone. To do so, you need to click on “Allow”

Step-5: A transfer window will automatically be opened with the interphone memory directories.


Transfer Data from Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 E using HandShaker

HandShaker is another excellent app that will help you transfer data from your Mac to your system and vice versa. The app has an easy user interface and you can transfer data wirelessly as well. The good news is that HandShaker works well with not only Mac computers, but also with the Windows system.

We hope our article on how to download Galaxy S10 USB drivers for Mac and Windows was helpful.

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