Pokemon Go is still going strong and its updates even stronger. Now the latest fad from this beast of a franchise is a whole new game in itself based on one of the Pokemons called Magikarp. He is a water based Pokemon who is too lazy to move and the player is responsible for making him jump to level 20.

The game is available in both iOS and Android so the users of both devices shall rejoice the recent production from Niantic Labs. The latest version available at the moment is Pokemon: Magikarp Jump 1.01 with the APK file. This version is solely for Android users and can be easily downloaded and installed.

How to download and install Pokemon: Magikarp Jump 1.01 APK for Android:

1 First of all download Pokemon: Magikarp Jump 1.01 APK for Android from here.

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2 Next copy the downloaded respective file on your smartphone and if you are using another source for installing APK file then go to Settings >> Security >> Allow unknown sources.

3 Now tap on the downloaded APK file to begin installing the game.

4 Run the game once the process is complete.



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