Like all other mobile phone brands, Huawei also has variants for all of its smartphones. Its latest sensation Huawei P10+ comes in variants too, according to the region it is being shipped to. Recently, Huawei P10+ VK-L09 and VKY-L29 variants have begun getting Nougat 7.0 based update B133This update has addressed issues like better touch sensitivity, better battery life, better camera and whatnot. Huawei users shall be delighted after downloading and installing the latest Android Nougat 7.0 update.

There is good news and bad news. We already have discussed above that the latest update is an amazing feature that a Huawei user can put his hands on. But the bad news is that, at the moment, B133 has only been released in the Middle East, Africa and Russia that leaves out the rest of the world to get the update notification automatically.

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Not a worry there since we have compiled a complete step by step method for you of updating your Huawei P10+ to B133 update of Nougat 7.0. The only requirement to do so is that stock firmware must be installed on your Huawei P10+.

Regional Downloads:

>> Nougat 7.0 B133 update for Huawei P10+ VKY-L29 (Asia):

>> Nougat 7.0 B133 update for Huawei P10+ VKY-L09 (Europe):

How to download and install Nougat 7.0 B133 update on Huawei P10+:

1 Download the official Nougat 7.0 to your region’s accord.

2 Make a new folder in your device’s internal storage renaming it to ‘dload’ and transfer the ‘’ file to it.

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3 Next go to Settings >> Update >> Menu key >> Local update.

4 You shall see the update file there and tapping on it will start the updating of the OS.

5 The device will reboot itself automatically once the updating has been completed.


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