We are already fiddling with the 7th generation of Android, and Google has yet introduced the 8th one or better known as Android O. Despite Google’s effort to restrict the users, users are still managing to make the best out of their Android-powered mobile phones. To do this, Magisk has played an important role. It brought the Android development back in the game when it was clearly about to end. Installing Magisk on your smartphone is pretty easy, all you have to do is flash a zip file and you are good to go. There are a number of advantages that Magisk offer including the ability to mount your external storage into the internal storage etc.

The installation of Magisk gives you the power to further enhance, change or improve your mobile phone. So, in case if you are in search of a method that will teach you how to install Magisk Systemless interface on your Android, please follow the steps that we have listed below.


Below we have listed the prerequisites. Make sure you have them all before your proceed to the main function.
1 Your phone should have an unlocked bootloader
2 Your phone should be unrooted
3 Xposed Framework should be installed on your phone before you start with the installation of Magisk Systemless interface

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4 TWRP recovery should be installed on your smartphone


Step 1: First thing first, you need to have the file and copied in either the internal or the external memory of your phone.
Step 2: Reboot your smartphone into the TWRP mode. You can do this by first turning off your phone and the switching it back on by pressing and holding the Volume down or up along with the power key. This volume button depends on your device and manufacturer, for instance, the Samsung users use the volume up button along with the power key and the home button.
Step 3: Now your phone is in TWRP, you need to tap on Install from there, look for Install Zip and tap on it. After that search and tap on the file. To flash this file, you need to swipe.
Step 4:Once the file is flashed, it is important you should go back to the TWRP main menu and look for the reboot>reboot system option.

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Step 5: Your android device will restart now, once it is rebooted, you will see that the Magisk is installed on your smartphone
Step 6: Search for Magisk Manager on Google Play Store and download that on your device
Systemless Root With Magisk on Phh’s SuperUser

Please follow the steps below in order to do Systemless root with Magisk on Phh’s Superuser
> Download Phh’s file
> After downloading it, copy the file to your phone
> Reboot your smartphone into TWRP mode as we have taught you above and then flash Phh’s SuperUser file
> Now restart your phone and download Phh’s SuperUser application from the play store
You are now able to use Magisk manager for enabling or disable the root access of your phone.


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