HDM Global has recently announced the international coverage by Nokia 6. In January of this year, Nokia 6 was released by the company in China and is going strong with the upcoming global launch. The global version will have a hi-fi camera, as the company stated.

The downside of Nokia 6 is that due to government restrictions and regulations, Nokia 6 doesn’t come with Google play store and other social services such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Chinese version of Nokia 6 is completely void of any such services from Google. 

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The global version of Nokia 6, however, would have all these features by default but the users of Nokia 6 in Chinese market have no access to these facilities. That said, following these simple and easy steps would allow Chinese version Nokia 6 users to put their hands on Google and social services which otherwise are banned. Strictly speaking, these steps are not in any violation of governmental legislation.

How to download and install Google play store on Nokia 6:

Required downloads:

(i) Download Google Services framework for Nokia 6

(ii) Download Google Play Services for Nokia 6

(iii) Download Google Play Store for Nokia 6

Steps to perform:

1 Firstly go to Settings >> Advanced settings >> Security >> Enable download from unknown sources.

2 A warning shall appear on your screen that ‘such a file could harm your phone’ but ignore it and proceed.

3 Secondly download all the three links that have been provided above.

4 Thirdly open Google play store and install it and once done, run it.

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