We bring you an exclusive tutorial on how to download Garena Free Fire APK on your Android. Among so many shooter games available on Android running smartphones, Garena Free Fire is a great addition and players are getting their hands on this amazing shooter game.The concept of this game is to survive a match within 10 minutes of the start of the game. Yes, that is quite titillating that a new survivor is going to show up every 10 minutes and you have to make sure that you be that survivor as many times as possible because that is the whole point of Garena Free Fire; survival at any cost. As the game starts, the player gets to a remote island where he is pitted as an opponent to other 49 players and he can choose to stay on parachute or under the grass beds as safe zone.

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Garena Free Fire APK:

The players are free to choose from an array of weapons provided in the game and fight off the enemy by shooting them down and stay in the play zone until every last one of them is killed. You are also able to loot your nemesis and stay in the game until you are the last man standing in the play zone. Apart from having the weapons, you should also look out for the airstrikes and try and dodge them to gain superiority over your rival players.

Not only solo games, Garena Free Fire lets you play in a squad and go along the match as a team effort. You can choose your squad, advice them, devise strategy with them and make them a proud team by leading them all the way to the end.The maximum number of people you can have in your squad is 4 and that should suffice if your plan is great and you know how and from where to attack the enemy. You can also communicate with your team as soon as your squad starts playing the game. The in-game voice chat makes it really easy to pass on directions and commands.

The players not only have to shoot down the enemy with weapons, they can also choose the vehicle-only mode called Death Race in Garena Free Fire to race their enemy to death. The players ought to participate in this mode as 2 players team and the best part is that the motorcycles are all amphibious so being in water or dryness should not be a problem at all. The players should also go for collecting all the power-ups spread around the map randomly. This shall make the task at hand easier for them and give them an upper hand over the rest of the players.

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In the latest update of Garena Free Fire APK which was just released you can now eat mushrooms lying around to power up your system and gain more strength. The players are now equipped with M79 grenade launcher as well which will make the task of bringing down the enemy much easier. Previously you were not able to connect with the disconnected players but with this latest APK, you can now get in touch with all the long lost players and team mates.

How to download Garena Free Fire APK:

Step 1: First of all Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android from link below.

Download APK Garena Free Fire File

Step 2: Uninstall any older version of the said game in your smartphone.

Step 3: Copy the APK downloaded file on your smartphone.

Step 4: Go to Settings >> Security >> Allow unknown sources for installing APK files from other sources.

Step 5: Start the installation process by tapping on the downloaded APK file.

Step 6: Run Garena Free Fire APK app after completion.

That’s all. You have the latest Garena Free Fire APK installed in your device. Good luck surviving.

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